The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Return to the Mirror Room
Session #10
A lunatic's workshop and library
Session #9

As another dawn breaks, Zephyros tumbles out of his bed, wondering if his bawalla’s companions have died and if not, how long he should give them before either searching for the half-beasts or leaving. He decides to meditate and consult the outer planes for advice.

The party returned to the trapdoor in the ceiling, Urnhold was up the ladder first. They quickly discovered that the room had a magical property other than darkness. After a random bit of time, they would be instantly returned to where they entered the room, and the caltrops and debris (only visible to Dhoug, due to his Devil’s Sight) would return to its original position. Urnhold attempted to shuffle his feet to avoid stepping on caltrops, but couldn’t make it very far. Dhoug was able to put a crack in the sundial in the middle of the room, but ultimately Rendon’s Shatter spell broke the enchanted item and released them from the time loop. Dhoug wasted no time heading straight for the door on the other side, which turned out to be a fake. Eventually, like something straight out of a movie, Dhoug pulls a touch on the wall and a hidden door opens.

The group ascends the hidden staircase to find an enormous library, filled with books, tables, desks, chairs, and ever-light candles. The group quickly discovers orbs, which contain emblems a teardrop and a leaf. Rendon finds and decides to keep a few books for himself & Dhoug; “The Howling Era” (which screams when you open it), “Cheese of the Western Isle” and “Cheese, Your Mother & You”. However at that Dhoug receives a nasty shock, whirling around quickly a luminescent ball is hovering there. Battle ensues with poor luck until the Wil-O-wisp vanishes. The words “Leave.” “Protect.” “Master’s.” “Wares.” echo from no apparent source to no particular person. Wil-O-Wisps are not known to show loyalty to anyone, but this strange behavior goes unnoticed by our adventurers. Another Wil-O-Wisp appears and the battle commences, Rendon’s amber colored Magic Missiles arch toward the floating ball. Gre moves to a different area and attempts to communicate with the echoing voices, while the rest of the party makes an all out attack. Gre is left with unanswered questions, while the Wil-O-Wisps are dispatched by his companions.

Without further interruption, the party finds four orbs in all, and test out the connection with a pedestal at the end of the room, perfectly shaped to hold these orbs. Through placing and removing the orbs they obtain magic items, which appear from the void when a particular orb is placed. Rendon obtains a Ring of Fire Resistance. Urnhold trades out his chainmail armor for the much more confortable Dwarven Plate. Gre and Rendon each take one of the Sending Stones. Finally the Moon Orb opens a portal, through which they see a dimly light room full of mirrors. Having spent many hours investigating the Library the group decides to leave it until later and return to the 2nd floor to make camp again and rest. Instead of removing the corpses of the Mimics, previously slain, Urnhold casts Gentle Repose to prevent them from entering un-death or rioting further. Elsewhere, Zephyros revives from his meditative state, assured that his half-sized passengers remain alive and returns to his journaling as he continues to wait.


[EXP 482]

Setting the first floor ablaze...stoopid Goblins
Session #8

Four more uneventful days pass since the Cultists left, when the cloud began to descend. Zhypheros not wanting to alert other prospectors in the area of their arrived put the cloud near the ground, behind a hill, little more than a mile from their target. The party disembarked and carefully made their way to the tower containing the giant Ruby. At the base of the tower a party of Goblins is spotted. The entry way is very large and without a door, it’s wide open. Not knowing what’s inside, they decide to deal with what they can see first. Gre notched a magically conjured arrow and blew 4 of the Goblins away with an Arcane Blast. Urnhold loaded his crossbow, and he and Gre dispatched the remaining Goblins before they realized what was happening. Fortunately, nothing came through the entrance, but the party decided to learn what they would be walking into before getting there. Rendon and Dhoug snuck up to the wall, where Rendon cast Spider Climb on himself and went up the wall. Dhoug used Awaken Mind to converse with the spidey-Elf. First Rendon climbed out of Awaken Mind distance to peek into the windows of the towers. Second floor just dusty old chests, third nothing, fourth a library filled with books and tables, fifth nothing. The top floor contained only three barred windows, each containing a strange sight. Each window showed a different biome; desert, jungle and seashore. They were obviously magical.  Returning the task at hand, Rendon peaked through the entrance from above, hoping to avoid attention.


Within the first floor of the tower a war band of goblins made camp. It looks like they were using it as a base of operations, having pulled in trees and brush and pitched tents. Battle was inevitable, Rendon cast Shatter taking out a few and causing mass confusion. Dhoug set the detritus on one side ablaze with Bonfire. Urnhold wiped away many in the ranks with Thunderwave and Gre expertly picked off the stragglers from a distance. Then entire Goblin band was easily dispatched. Urnhold used Control Water to put out much of the fire raging from Dhoug’s spell.


The group followed the stairs up to a large locked door. Obviously the Goblins had not ventured further into the tower because of it. Gre was able to navigate the lock, and pick it without springing the trap. Urnhold became more cautious and asked Valkur to aid him in finding traps as they continue to venture. There on the next floor was storage. Old moth eaten clothes and crumbling books where found in chest after chest. Each chest also contained some long forgotten gold,  where upon they obtained nearly 400GP. But unsuspectingly 3 Mimics made this there home, waiting for someone to come collect the treasure around them. The adventurers where able to deal with the creatures through teamwork and endurance. Rendon found a wand, called Ghost Touch, and Urnhold found a ring warm to the touch hidden among all the decaying materials. This is where they decided to rest for the night.

Side conversation in Zhephyros' Tower
Inter 7-8

The party is currently in a tower, atop a moving cloud. They've been together traveling for days.

Getting high with Zhephyros
Session #7

Rendon investigated the cloud stairs, which turned out to be solid, so the party climbed the cloud steps. Tre Tre preferring the security of solid ground decided to stay behind. At the summit stood an enormous tower, topped with what appeared to be a wizard’s hat. Upon entering the tower, a huge Cloud Giant descended from a hole in the ceiling. Zhephyros spoke to Helen “Hey Bawalla! Long time, no see.” It turned out that this was Helen’s plan, breaking the orb summoned Zhephyros, because he owed her a favor form the old days. Though much discussion it was revealed that giant’s currency is almost exclusively magic items and favors. She received a favor from Zhephyros by aiding him a battle against a Fire Giant, seeking his blood. Helen recounted the trouble she’s currently in for the friendly giant, but didn’t have a specific task in mind to fulfill his debt. Without any suggestions from the rest of the party, Zhephyros recalled a rumor he’d heard. A ‘normal’ sized Ruby locked away in a tower. Without much more to go on, other than a general direction (south east) and distance, the party decided to pursue that in hopes of obtaining a gemstone that could pay off the entire debt. Helen agreed, and left her guild members to ride the cloud to obtain the huge ruby.


Helen and Campy packed up the other items (gemstones from the chest and mundane weapons) to sell and set out to find buyers. Urnhold suggested they ask for potential buyers for lots of little rubies. Tre Tre decided to keep the Elderberry Fire tavern open in their absence, being the bartender and guard.


The journey was long but by cloud they would make it in record time, only a week of travel. Rendon took particular interest in the spell books in Zhephyros’ collection. At one point, Dhoug noticed a Griffon overhead, which as it turns out Zhephyros keeps as pets, untrained & dangerous at the top of his tower. Gre curious about riding one asked their names; Aarakibi, Tabbi & Arukee. But when Zhephyros lost interest, Gre was unwilling to tempt fate alone.


The journey itself was not without it’s dangers as well. On the third day a dozen Cultists riding giant Vultures arrived, seeking an audience with the owner of the floating dwelling. At first the adventurer’s attempted to block access to the tower. Aggressive talk, with their leader N'von, speaking on behalf of Prince Yan-Ci-Bin, ensued but fighting did not break out. The leader of the Cultists merely sought the aid of the Cloud Giant in their primordial war. They were on a mission to unite all creatures of the Air. Through some further investigation the adventurers discovered that the ultimate purpose of The Cult of the Howling Hatred is to return civilization to the time when life was simpler and elementals ruled. As an offering, Zhephyros received a bag of Pixie Dust. The cultists camped outside the tower on the cloud, while waiting for an answer. Zhephyros asked the party what they thought he should do, and didn’t receive a clear answer other than a general distain for the Cultists. He ended up deciding not to take up their offer, and the cultists left peacefully. Having felt guilty for accepting payment, without providing anything of worth in return, Zhephyros gave the Bag of Pixie Dust to Urnhold. At least his conscience would be clear.

Newhon's New Nightmare
Session #6

After the excitement of the night before everyone started tending to other things. Gre pulled out all the equipment they acquired from the bandit camp. Tre Tre upgraded his armor to half-plate and Helen took the rest to sell. Urnhold decided to take a walk and visit the Aberwyn’s only general store. Suddenly shouting could be heard coming from outside. Newhon stormed toward the tavern shouting obscenities about being swindled and loosing his merchandise. The party all migrated outside, but Dhoug acted first, casting Charm Person on Newhon. Gre spots Sheriff Turbot, still at a distance from Newhon, and runs over, pleading with him to intervene, as it turns out the small town Sheriff isn’t the brightest bulb, and could not recognize the weave of magic. He dismissed Gre’s concerns and turns back for home, believing that Newhon and Dhoug were able to work things out. Meanwhile Dhoug persuades Newhon to hand over 100GP and leave. Upon returning to the tavern, Dhoug hands over the ill-gotten payment to Helen. The act sparks a debate among the group. Helen being visibly conflicted finally decides to keep the gold, despite the urging of Gre to return it to Newhon.

            Urnhold returned from his shopping spree riding a mule. Then jumped off and began playing a flute. To which Urnhold announces “Doug [the Mule] will be joining us, because I want to see someone named Dhoug pull their own weight!” Dhoug scoffed. Suddenly off the side of this scene Campy jumps up shouting excitedly. Campy discovered a hidden pocket in the chest Rendon was previously locked in. The pocket contained gemstones, of about ~1200GP.  Gre wanted ensure the money actually ends up going to pay off the debt, knowing Helen’s history of mismanaged finances. Urnhold asks Campy about a shelter for Doug, to which Campy said he would look into the cost of building a stable behind the tavern.

            Just as everyone is settling down from the morning activity a message arrives. As we know, Sending Stone messages are very expensive. Helen goes white read the message, revealing to the group that it’s a notice of failure to pay. The message is from the regional governor Lord Colt Franbrick. Obviously Dhea has now involved Lord Franbrick and got him to foreclose on Helen without her even having a chance of rebuttal. Helen and the group were baffled about how this is possible. Obviously something has gone very, very wrong. The message claims Helen has to pay 5600GP within 30 days to settle this dispute. In a frenzy, Helen runs into her room, returning with a large orb, with a cloud swirling around inside. The cloud morphs and shifts revealing a cloudy rune every few seconds. Rendon was unable to determine the magical mechanism. Suddenly Helen heaves it over her head, and brings it down, smashing it to pieces. The cloud is released with a bang, and zooms out the nearest window.

            Meanwhile Gre and Urnhold decide to see if they can patch things up with Newhon. Upon arrival they’re told to leave. Refusing, they pushed their way into Newhon’s shop discovering the fearful and broken Elf hiding in a back corner. Urnhold cast Calm Emotions and tell Newhon the true story of how Cooky abandoned and the Port Authority told them the wrong information. Newhon listens pensively, but as the spell ends Newhon returns to his fearful state, knowing that it takes an exceptional magician to charm an Elf. Newhon’s mind was made up by how the events unfolded. Gre and Urnhold left accepting the fact that Newhon wouldn’t trust them again. Upon returning to the tavern they find Helen and Campy busily packing supplies for a trip to sell the gems and other items. Helen and Gre get into it. Gre presses her about the situation and the message from Lord Franbrick. Helen breaks down saying “I failed before as an adventurer, now I’m failing again.” Gre, frustrated retorts with “I’m doing this for you to keep this tavern.” The group is starting to feel the stress of Helen heaping her problems on them.

            Some time passes and the group became aware of an odd looking cloud approaching Aberwyn. The cloud descends and a large white tower comes into view, the roof is shaped like a wizard hat. Floating closer to the tavern, the cloud supporting the tower extends a large long set of stairs down.

Pork for your Rum. How about it sailor?
Session #5

Dhoug drove the cart forward, and the group quickly came upon a beautiful, gilded chest on the side of the road. When Urnhold and Tre Tre went to pick it up and put it in the cart, it moved and they heard a muffled cry for help. Tre Tre pryed it open with his battle axe and out sprang a young High Elf, in academic robes. Men wearing red bandanas, who obviously assumed they could ransom this naïve, wealthy-looking Elf, tricked Renden. Renden just unloaded his entire backstory on his saviors, how he grew up in Friken Falls, went to the Elven Magic Academy there, then recently decided to abandon that life for more adventure, then wound up in that chest not more than a day ago. Unsurprisingly our band of adventurers quickly accepted this naïve stranger, perhaps knowing he was bound to be taken advantage of again if not looked after by someone with higher morality. As the group returns to the wagon a strange humanoid creature appears behind the wagon, two large boars beside her. Dhoug in an attempt to placate the Dryad, discovered through his Awakened Mind, that she was beginning to go crazy. Her tree was recently destroyed. After a tenuous conversation, translated by Dhoug, the party agreed to aid in restoring her tree. Riding atop a boar, the Dryad led the group to a clearing. Apparently, woodcutters recently harvested this part of the woods; the Dyrad’s tree was gone. Tre Tre, growing up on a farm knew exactly what to do, in an emotionless and swift action, he beheaded the sickly Dryad, putting her out of her misery. The boars immediately attack but are quickly dispatched by the party, and the pork is kept. Returning to the wagon, Urnhold used Mending to fix the chest, and Renden agreed to clean it out in exchange for not being put back into it.

Our adventurers continued north to the Port of Aberwyn, where there are a number of ships at the docks, on either side of the river. The group sets up a small camp at the edge of the port where they prepared some of the Boar’s meat for dinner. Dhoug’s tent was prepared by his Unseen Servant. Urnhold used his familiarity with sailor life to negotiate the remaining meat for rum. The following morning the group decided to send Newhon’s shipment on the ship, which was currently loading supplies. Where upon they discovered that they lacked the proper paperwork, which was securely in Cooky’s pocket at the beginning of the journey. Not knowing which ship the wagonload belonged to, they assumed it must go out as quickly as possible on the ship currently loading. Unfortunately the group didn’t bother to ask any of the ships docked in the port. In order to force their cargo on to the ship they picked, Gre and Urnhold attempt to forge the paperwork they need, by looking at an example from the ship they traded with. Forgery was too complex. Dhoug then decided to take matters into his own hands and bribed the Captain with 5GP to just take it. The Captain ordered his crew to unload the wagon.

Urnhold caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, on the same ship. Urnhold persuaded a crewmember to divulge that Uhsoshi was indeed a passenger on their ship, headed back to YarTar, then on to Triboar. He also learns about the cargo Uhsoshi dropped off. It was loaded into a wagon on the other side of the river, and was driven along the northern road, toward the Evermoor, by shady a couple of characters.

When the wagon was empty, the group hopped in and headed back to Aberwyn immediately. Dhoug drove hard through the afternoon into night, and began to suffer from exhaustion. They arrived late at night and pounded on the door to Newhon’s shop. The younger female Elf answered the door sleepishly, takes one look at the group and closes the door.  Jilted our adventurers returned to the Elderbery Fire to rest…except the door was locked. Urnhold felt a slight tud from divine guidance, which led him around back to the open brewery shed. In the morning, Campy came across the crew and decided it was time to show them his invention, the Hide-Hide rock, which contained a key for the tavern.


Beetle the Bard

Dispatching Roadside Bandits, the hard way
Session #4

After a good night's rest our band of adventurers met up with Cookie behind Newhon's textile shop and set out toward the Aberwyn Port. Mischief abound the journey began with Dhoug casting Friend on Cookie to divulge any secrets he may have about his previous encounters with these bandits. Turns out he's a coward who ran away immediately each time, and cheated on his wife at some point. When the spell ended, Cookie became violently upset. Dhoug attempted to retreat by climbing the wagon but Cookie knocked him off balance, causing Dhoug to fall off, and suffer getting kicked by the oxen pulling the wagon. Satisfied with ironic, revenge Cookie allowed Dhoug back up, but the stories of Cookie’s glory days ceased. Seeing two stone pillars in the distance the group directed Cookie to drive the wagon more cautiously, which prevented them from being completely ambushed by five bandits hiding in the woods. Battle ensued, Gre expertly shooting his bow; Dhoug cast Hex adding necrotic damage to his ally's attacks. Tre Tre and Urnhold bore the brunt of melee combat and took out a large bandit in chain mail. When four were nearly defeated, the last one turned an ran. Tre Tre attempted to pursue but couldn't keep up, and Gre was busy finishing the last one. After securing the wagon, and collecting the bandit's armor and weapons, the group noticed that Cookie was absent. They realized he was absent for the entire battle. They assumed the coward must have run at the first sight of bandits, and was nowhere to be found. The team decided to track the last bandit that fled to see where it led. Urnhold took point and used his survival skills to track the man. Realizing that the bandit who got away would most likely alerted others, Tre Tre used his special ability to Merge with Stone, providing a huge boost to the entire party's stealth. They soon came upon a clearing, where four tents were set up around a campfire. However the group could not see any bandits, although they heard some conversation coming from the center of the circle. Dhoug used Awakened Mind to silently communicate with Urnhold, who was crouched down right beside him. Urnhold became upset with Dhoug for invading his mind. Hiding in the brush alongside the camp, they began to squabble about what to do next. The bandits knowing someone would be coming were searching the area for them. After wasting precious time arguing, Gre finally took the initiative to act and shot a flaming arrow into a tree where he suspected a bandit was located. A charred human dropped, and the tree was set ablaze. More discussion and arguing continued, until finally the remaining bandits surrounded the adventurers hiding place. Four Humans, two Yuan-Ti and a Half-Orc, all wearing the characteristic red bandana encircled the group. A difficult battle was raged, blow for blow every party member suffered injury, but ultimately ended in the party triumphing over the bandits. The group scavenged what they could and returned to the wagon on the road.  Upon closer inspection they notice a single bale of hemp cloth was missing. They looked for it, not finding it near by and uncertain of when is was lost, they decided to continue north. Each party member took turns attempting to drive the stubborn oxen forward, by sheer chance it was Dhoug who managed to demonstrate enough skill to handle the animals. Thus the adventurers having dispatched the bandits decided to complete Cookie’s task of delivering the merchandise, without him.

- Beetle the Bard

Uhsoshi's Tempting Offer
Session #3

Days passed as Helen was away. The adventurers trained hard to improve their skills. The brothers from the Temple of Eldath, with renewed interest in the Elderberry Fire Tavern, started to patronize regularly. Among them was a man by the name of "Paranoid Pete", who told the adventurers his tale of getting lost in the FeyWild. Currently, he's terribly afraid of the woods. Upon Helen's return she bore gifts, information on Dhea, a new mission and cheese! In response to Tre Tre's request for more information she learned that Dhea spends most of his time in his lair in Triboar, and primarily runs and underground smuggling ring. It's said that he can transport anything, anywhere across the Sword Coast. To appease Dhoug's repeated requests she brought back some local cheddar cheese, handmade by a rural wagon vendor. Finally for the entire party she got another mission request from the Father Abbott. He had nothing to offer as a reward other than the prayers to Eldath and his temple's goodwill. There was little interest in searching for a rare herb, for the Father Abbot without a monetary reward. As the day came to an end the party drank and enjoyed themselves. Urnhold and Tre Tre arm-wrestled, then each passed out in the open area, not having made it back to their cots in the loft.

In the morning, in an attempt to rouse Tre Tre, Urnhold decided to dump water on Tre Tre to wake him up…except it backfired and Tre Tre became ill. He was awake but woozy and weak. The rest of the team promptly carried dirt in to the Tavern and packed it around Tre Tre. After a few minutes he returned to normal. Before the Elderberry Fire was open to patrons, & before the group disembarked there was a knock at the door. There stood a tall, scaly creature, with the torso of a man and the lower half of a giant snake. Though none of the adventurers had met a Yuan-Ti before, they knew from descriptions what he was. The creature introduced himself as Uhsoshi, he was well dressed and spoke with a lisp whenever pronouncing "S". Tensions were high, but the Yuan-Ti was calm and collected, he slithered into the room then took a seat at one of the tables and produced a single sheet of parchment. He explained that Dhea had heard about this adventuring band's fighting spirit and was willing to make a deal: 1,500 GP off the debt on the Elderberry Fire for a delivery mission to an outpost in the Evermoors Swamp. The mission was to pick up a chest at the Aberwyn Port and drive it up to the outpost in a week, no questions asked about what it contains. They attempted to persuade Uhsoshi about the contents, but he only revealed that it did not contain a living creature. Then he left to let them talk it over. A debate ensued and a decision was tentatively reached at Gre's urging to decline the obviously, unsavory offer. Upon Uhsoshi's return, the party rejected Uhsoshi's contract and he left.

The debt still looming over the group, the adventurers decided to take up the remaining mission to dispatch bandits harassing local merchants on the road north to the Aberwyn Port. The same direction as Uhsoshi headed, and the same destination of that mission they just declined. On the walk over to Newhon's shop, Dhoug told Tre Tre that he was a god and performed Awakened Mind on Tre Tre to convince him. Uncertain at the prospect, Tre Tre fell in step behind Dhoug, not wanting to anger him, just in case he really was a deity. Arriving at Newhon's textile shop, the party is greeted by a young Half-Elf behind the counter, who calls for Newhon to come out from the back. Newhon is a slightly rotund, balding elf. His blonde hair is absent in the front, but long and greasy in the back.  His appearance is uncharacteristic of his race. The adventurers follow him through the back where they see a series of magical looms generating large reams of cloth from harvested hemp. There they meet Cookie; an elderly, white haired Human, who is the driver of the delivery wagon. The party decided to help Cookie load up the bundles of cloth and venture out next morning. They returned to the Elderberry Fire to rest for the night.

- Beetle the Bard

Wipe out the Zombies, Save the Temple
Session #2

All the adventures retreat to the Tavern. Helen was hovering over Campy, worried and obviously upset. Campy reassured everyone of his health by sitting up and asking for a tall mug of ale. His eye, black and blue, began to swell shut. Everyone turned to Helen for answers, some curiously, some accusingly. Helen admits they joined this guild without knowing everything. The Elderberry Fire Tavern is deeply in debt. The bag she threw at Zusod contained 200GP, all the remaining money Helen and Campy had. But the loan plus interest still comes to ~5,000GP. Dhea sent Zusod to for the periodic collection. It turns out the adventurer's jumped into the middle of the tense meeting causing a battle to ensue. Helen fully understands the role she played, she couldn't blame the adventurers for coming to her aid. So as the questions come, primarily from Gre, she answers them all the best of her ability. Helen tells everyone she was raised in Aberwyn, left to go adventure. A lone Ranger mentored her for many years. Upon her travels she met Campy and they joined an adventuring party. After many years of failed dungeon delving and loosing friends Helen and Campy decided to retire. The wanted to hang up their gear and settle down in a small town where they can open a tavern and spend the rest of their days in one another's company. At that time they sought gold to buy their own place, but their options were severely limited, they owned nothing of significant value to barter, and none of the nobles were interested in people without accomplishment. Helen and Campy never became famous adventures, and as a result they turned to a shady figure, with promises of fulfilling their dreams. Dhea loaned them enough money to purchase the Elderberry Fire. But the interest grew quickly, and few residents of Aberwyn chose provide patronage to the Tavern owned by a perverse couple.

Helen's story revealed her remorse for not being forth coming earlier. But the adventures decided to take the opportunity to void their contracts. A verbal discussion of terms concluded with the promise of cheese, and an even distribution of wealth once the debt is paid off or Dhea is dealt with permanently.

Questions about Dhea revealed that his headquarters are located in Triboar and that he is a known entity in the black market. Tre Tre requested that Helen actively seek more information about him. The atmosphere was tense obviously trust was broken. But everyone decided to get some rest, pick it up again in the morning. That night the adventurer's woke to the screams of Helen having a night terror, which eventually abated through Campy's soothing words. The following morning, Helen and Campy outside, the adventurer's discussion was interrupted by an odd event. There attention was simultaneously drawn to the guild mission request on the desk. But Urnhold couldn't quite comprehend its significance. The party decided to aid the Temple of Eldath, by seeking out and destroying the zombies plaguing them. The Father Abbot offered them a magic scroll, which was donated to the temple by a traveling pilgrim, thankful for the hospitality. However Father Abbot, lacking knowledge of the Arcane, didn't know what spell it contained. The adventure's set out, were attacked by a Halfling Zombie, then promptly decided to turn around and return to the Elderberry Fire Tavern to rest and prepare. Helen was gone, to gather information. Campy taught Gre how to use his brewing supplies. When asked about Helen's night terror, Campy refused to explain, claiming it's not his place. Urnhold prayed to his deity, asking for strength against the undead.

In the late afternoon the party hiked west, quickly dispatching a Zombie. Tre Tre chopped the legs right off, mightily felling the undead creature. They continued their hunt for Zombies as night fell, and relied on Urnhold's darkvision to keep them safe. Suddenly strange whooping sounds caught there attention. A pack a blink dogs appeared to them. Often taken as a good omen. Dhoug reached out with his awakened mind to commune with these cheerful creatures. Discovering that "bad smelly humanoids" where up ahead in the "old human home". Then the pack winked out of existence and popped back in a few yards away, continuing on their merry way. The adventurers soon find themselves at the edge of some ancient human ruins, Gre and Urnhold climb trees to get a better view. The stench is overwhelming, but there is little to see among the crumpling walls. The group proceeded into the ruins, listening carefully. Urnhold and Tre Tre picked one section of wall to attempt to push over, however after much consternation, they failed. They regrouped and attempted to lure the zombies out and take the vile creatures out one by one. Battle ensued, animated rotting flesh and iron. Urnhold cast Guiding Bolt, in a brilliant flash of divine power the undead adversary melted away. But in doing so created a beacon of light attracting all the other zombies in the area. More attacked, the team reducing them to piles of mush, Tre Tre attempting to chop the legs off. But the unmistakable sound of metal dragging on stone, alerted the group to the danger of a massive, turbid Orc Zombie. The adventures fought for their lives, Urnhold collapsed, unconscious, under the weight of the Zombie's large morning star. The great struggle ultimately ended in the creature's defeat, Gre with one of his health potions rescued Urnhold. Dhoug cut off one of the creature's fingers as a trophy. Upon their return to the Temple of Eldath, Urhold held the huge morning star over his head proclaiming victory for To Helen Back Again. Father Abbot was delighted and handed over the magic scroll. In the end, our adventurer's return to the Tavern to rest and continue training.

- Beetle the Bard




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