The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Dispatching Roadside Bandits, the hard way

Session #4

After a good night's rest our band of adventurers met up with Cookie behind Newhon's textile shop and set out toward the Aberwyn Port. Mischief abound the journey began with Dhoug casting Friend on Cookie to divulge any secrets he may have about his previous encounters with these bandits. Turns out he's a coward who ran away immediately each time, and cheated on his wife at some point. When the spell ended, Cookie became violently upset. Dhoug attempted to retreat by climbing the wagon but Cookie knocked him off balance, causing Dhoug to fall off, and suffer getting kicked by the oxen pulling the wagon. Satisfied with ironic, revenge Cookie allowed Dhoug back up, but the stories of Cookie’s glory days ceased. Seeing two stone pillars in the distance the group directed Cookie to drive the wagon more cautiously, which prevented them from being completely ambushed by five bandits hiding in the woods. Battle ensued, Gre expertly shooting his bow; Dhoug cast Hex adding necrotic damage to his ally's attacks. Tre Tre and Urnhold bore the brunt of melee combat and took out a large bandit in chain mail. When four were nearly defeated, the last one turned an ran. Tre Tre attempted to pursue but couldn't keep up, and Gre was busy finishing the last one. After securing the wagon, and collecting the bandit's armor and weapons, the group noticed that Cookie was absent. They realized he was absent for the entire battle. They assumed the coward must have run at the first sight of bandits, and was nowhere to be found. The team decided to track the last bandit that fled to see where it led. Urnhold took point and used his survival skills to track the man. Realizing that the bandit who got away would most likely alerted others, Tre Tre used his special ability to Merge with Stone, providing a huge boost to the entire party's stealth. They soon came upon a clearing, where four tents were set up around a campfire. However the group could not see any bandits, although they heard some conversation coming from the center of the circle. Dhoug used Awakened Mind to silently communicate with Urnhold, who was crouched down right beside him. Urnhold became upset with Dhoug for invading his mind. Hiding in the brush alongside the camp, they began to squabble about what to do next. The bandits knowing someone would be coming were searching the area for them. After wasting precious time arguing, Gre finally took the initiative to act and shot a flaming arrow into a tree where he suspected a bandit was located. A charred human dropped, and the tree was set ablaze. More discussion and arguing continued, until finally the remaining bandits surrounded the adventurers hiding place. Four Humans, two Yuan-Ti and a Half-Orc, all wearing the characteristic red bandana encircled the group. A difficult battle was raged, blow for blow every party member suffered injury, but ultimately ended in the party triumphing over the bandits. The group scavenged what they could and returned to the wagon on the road.  Upon closer inspection they notice a single bale of hemp cloth was missing. They looked for it, not finding it near by and uncertain of when is was lost, they decided to continue north. Each party member took turns attempting to drive the stubborn oxen forward, by sheer chance it was Dhoug who managed to demonstrate enough skill to handle the animals. Thus the adventurers having dispatched the bandits decided to complete Cookie’s task of delivering the merchandise, without him.

- Beetle the Bard


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