The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Return to the Mirror Room

Session #10

After a very long rest, the party gets an early start to the day by returning to the library upstairs. Urnhold & Gre cautiously hang behind, while Dhoug & Rendon jump into the room after placing the Moon orb. The room has mirrors on every wall, and suddenly where they see their own images, the mirrors begin to bulge outward. Thinking quickly, Urnhold grabs them and pulls them back into the library. The Moon orb is swiftly removed. A discussion ensues about what that room is, and whether or not it’s even in the same tower. After a more extensive search of the library, with no other way up, they decide to brave the mirror room again.

            All four adventurers jump into the room, and again the mirrors liquefy, bulging outward and forming into silvery humanoids. Each shape refined into a perfect reflection of the adventurers. Then Evil Dhoug, softly reached back and touched the mirrored wall, shutting the portal, enclosing all of them in an open, circular room, without any cover. The evil versions, spit insults as the battle begin.

The bloody battle included evil Rendon casting Enlarge on Evil Urnhold, magic arrows exchanged between the two Gre’s bows and Dhoug being tossed around like a rag doll. Urnhold ended up failing to call upon divine aid. He was punished with an anchor being attached to his leg, effectively reducing his speed and mobility for the duration of the battle. The evil versions succumb to defeat one by one, but not before giving our adventuring crew a beating. Once all the enemies were defeated, a new portal opened, into what looked like an ash covered apartment. Burn marks across all the surfaces. It didn’t matter to Urnhold who just went in an flopped on a wooden table, wounded and exhausted.

            After a quick investigation, the adventuring party discovers the Ruby in the Tower….she was fast asleep in her apartment when a group of strangers armed to the teeth bust in unexpectedly. She hasn’t seen people in years. She tells her story about being locked away in this tower by her evil, wizarding uncle. The biggest revelation of all was Ruby’s magical ability, whenever she got startled, flames burst forth engulfing a 15ft radius in fire. Obviously Dhoug’s alien voice magically appearing in her head was enough to set the room ablaze.

            After some searching a Scroll of Teleportation was discovered and a plan hatched. The group, with their new friend in tow, jumped from the tower. The decision to jump was made after they discovered the empty pedestal corresponding to one of the orbs they left on a prior level. Urnhold attempted to calm Ruby’s nerves about the jump. Rendon cast Feather Fall, allowing everyone to safely descend to the ground. The party headed back to Zhephyr’s floating tower and regrouped. After a quick chat with the cloud giant, the studious wizard decided to risk casting the power spell from the scroll.

            Surprisingly, he was successful. Instantly the entire group vanished from the floating tower and stood just outside the Elderberry Fire Tavern. The grass around them embossed  with a bleached arcane rune circle. They were finally back, with 2 whole tendays [D&D equivalent to a week] to spare.


Time spent: (3 + 4 trip out) + (1<goblins,mimics> + 1<time loop,library> +1<mirror,Ruby>) + (<s>5 days return trip</s>) (Instant Teleportation)

Time left: 30 days (-10 days) 20 days remaining.


EXP 810


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