The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Uhsoshi's Tempting Offer

Session #3

Days passed as Helen was away. The adventurers trained hard to improve their skills. The brothers from the Temple of Eldath, with renewed interest in the Elderberry Fire Tavern, started to patronize regularly. Among them was a man by the name of "Paranoid Pete", who told the adventurers his tale of getting lost in the FeyWild. Currently, he's terribly afraid of the woods. Upon Helen's return she bore gifts, information on Dhea, a new mission and cheese! In response to Tre Tre's request for more information she learned that Dhea spends most of his time in his lair in Triboar, and primarily runs and underground smuggling ring. It's said that he can transport anything, anywhere across the Sword Coast. To appease Dhoug's repeated requests she brought back some local cheddar cheese, handmade by a rural wagon vendor. Finally for the entire party she got another mission request from the Father Abbott. He had nothing to offer as a reward other than the prayers to Eldath and his temple's goodwill. There was little interest in searching for a rare herb, for the Father Abbot without a monetary reward. As the day came to an end the party drank and enjoyed themselves. Urnhold and Tre Tre arm-wrestled, then each passed out in the open area, not having made it back to their cots in the loft.

In the morning, in an attempt to rouse Tre Tre, Urnhold decided to dump water on Tre Tre to wake him up…except it backfired and Tre Tre became ill. He was awake but woozy and weak. The rest of the team promptly carried dirt in to the Tavern and packed it around Tre Tre. After a few minutes he returned to normal. Before the Elderberry Fire was open to patrons, & before the group disembarked there was a knock at the door. There stood a tall, scaly creature, with the torso of a man and the lower half of a giant snake. Though none of the adventurers had met a Yuan-Ti before, they knew from descriptions what he was. The creature introduced himself as Uhsoshi, he was well dressed and spoke with a lisp whenever pronouncing "S". Tensions were high, but the Yuan-Ti was calm and collected, he slithered into the room then took a seat at one of the tables and produced a single sheet of parchment. He explained that Dhea had heard about this adventuring band's fighting spirit and was willing to make a deal: 1,500 GP off the debt on the Elderberry Fire for a delivery mission to an outpost in the Evermoors Swamp. The mission was to pick up a chest at the Aberwyn Port and drive it up to the outpost in a week, no questions asked about what it contains. They attempted to persuade Uhsoshi about the contents, but he only revealed that it did not contain a living creature. Then he left to let them talk it over. A debate ensued and a decision was tentatively reached at Gre's urging to decline the obviously, unsavory offer. Upon Uhsoshi's return, the party rejected Uhsoshi's contract and he left.

The debt still looming over the group, the adventurers decided to take up the remaining mission to dispatch bandits harassing local merchants on the road north to the Aberwyn Port. The same direction as Uhsoshi headed, and the same destination of that mission they just declined. On the walk over to Newhon's shop, Dhoug told Tre Tre that he was a god and performed Awakened Mind on Tre Tre to convince him. Uncertain at the prospect, Tre Tre fell in step behind Dhoug, not wanting to anger him, just in case he really was a deity. Arriving at Newhon's textile shop, the party is greeted by a young Half-Elf behind the counter, who calls for Newhon to come out from the back. Newhon is a slightly rotund, balding elf. His blonde hair is absent in the front, but long and greasy in the back.  His appearance is uncharacteristic of his race. The adventurers follow him through the back where they see a series of magical looms generating large reams of cloth from harvested hemp. There they meet Cookie; an elderly, white haired Human, who is the driver of the delivery wagon. The party decided to help Cookie load up the bundles of cloth and venture out next morning. They returned to the Elderberry Fire to rest for the night.

- Beetle the Bard


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