The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Setting the first floor ablaze...stoopid Goblins

Session #8

Four more uneventful days pass since the Cultists left, when the cloud began to descend. Zhypheros not wanting to alert other prospectors in the area of their arrived put the cloud near the ground, behind a hill, little more than a mile from their target. The party disembarked and carefully made their way to the tower containing the giant Ruby. At the base of the tower a party of Goblins is spotted. The entry way is very large and without a door, it’s wide open. Not knowing what’s inside, they decide to deal with what they can see first. Gre notched a magically conjured arrow and blew 4 of the Goblins away with an Arcane Blast. Urnhold loaded his crossbow, and he and Gre dispatched the remaining Goblins before they realized what was happening. Fortunately, nothing came through the entrance, but the party decided to learn what they would be walking into before getting there. Rendon and Dhoug snuck up to the wall, where Rendon cast Spider Climb on himself and went up the wall. Dhoug used Awaken Mind to converse with the spidey-Elf. First Rendon climbed out of Awaken Mind distance to peek into the windows of the towers. Second floor just dusty old chests, third nothing, fourth a library filled with books and tables, fifth nothing. The top floor contained only three barred windows, each containing a strange sight. Each window showed a different biome; desert, jungle and seashore. They were obviously magical.  Returning the task at hand, Rendon peaked through the entrance from above, hoping to avoid attention.


Within the first floor of the tower a war band of goblins made camp. It looks like they were using it as a base of operations, having pulled in trees and brush and pitched tents. Battle was inevitable, Rendon cast Shatter taking out a few and causing mass confusion. Dhoug set the detritus on one side ablaze with Bonfire. Urnhold wiped away many in the ranks with Thunderwave and Gre expertly picked off the stragglers from a distance. Then entire Goblin band was easily dispatched. Urnhold used Control Water to put out much of the fire raging from Dhoug’s spell.


The group followed the stairs up to a large locked door. Obviously the Goblins had not ventured further into the tower because of it. Gre was able to navigate the lock, and pick it without springing the trap. Urnhold became more cautious and asked Valkur to aid him in finding traps as they continue to venture. There on the next floor was storage. Old moth eaten clothes and crumbling books where found in chest after chest. Each chest also contained some long forgotten gold,  where upon they obtained nearly 400GP. But unsuspectingly 3 Mimics made this there home, waiting for someone to come collect the treasure around them. The adventurers where able to deal with the creatures through teamwork and endurance. Rendon found a wand, called Ghost Touch, and Urnhold found a ring warm to the touch hidden among all the decaying materials. This is where they decided to rest for the night.


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