The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Newhon's New Nightmare

Session #6

After the excitement of the night before everyone started tending to other things. Gre pulled out all the equipment they acquired from the bandit camp. Tre Tre upgraded his armor to half-plate and Helen took the rest to sell. Urnhold decided to take a walk and visit the Aberwyn’s only general store. Suddenly shouting could be heard coming from outside. Newhon stormed toward the tavern shouting obscenities about being swindled and loosing his merchandise. The party all migrated outside, but Dhoug acted first, casting Charm Person on Newhon. Gre spots Sheriff Turbot, still at a distance from Newhon, and runs over, pleading with him to intervene, as it turns out the small town Sheriff isn’t the brightest bulb, and could not recognize the weave of magic. He dismissed Gre’s concerns and turns back for home, believing that Newhon and Dhoug were able to work things out. Meanwhile Dhoug persuades Newhon to hand over 100GP and leave. Upon returning to the tavern, Dhoug hands over the ill-gotten payment to Helen. The act sparks a debate among the group. Helen being visibly conflicted finally decides to keep the gold, despite the urging of Gre to return it to Newhon.

            Urnhold returned from his shopping spree riding a mule. Then jumped off and began playing a flute. To which Urnhold announces “Doug [the Mule] will be joining us, because I want to see someone named Dhoug pull their own weight!” Dhoug scoffed. Suddenly off the side of this scene Campy jumps up shouting excitedly. Campy discovered a hidden pocket in the chest Rendon was previously locked in. The pocket contained gemstones, of about ~1200GP.  Gre wanted ensure the money actually ends up going to pay off the debt, knowing Helen’s history of mismanaged finances. Urnhold asks Campy about a shelter for Doug, to which Campy said he would look into the cost of building a stable behind the tavern.

            Just as everyone is settling down from the morning activity a message arrives. As we know, Sending Stone messages are very expensive. Helen goes white read the message, revealing to the group that it’s a notice of failure to pay. The message is from the regional governor Lord Colt Franbrick. Obviously Dhea has now involved Lord Franbrick and got him to foreclose on Helen without her even having a chance of rebuttal. Helen and the group were baffled about how this is possible. Obviously something has gone very, very wrong. The message claims Helen has to pay 5600GP within 30 days to settle this dispute. In a frenzy, Helen runs into her room, returning with a large orb, with a cloud swirling around inside. The cloud morphs and shifts revealing a cloudy rune every few seconds. Rendon was unable to determine the magical mechanism. Suddenly Helen heaves it over her head, and brings it down, smashing it to pieces. The cloud is released with a bang, and zooms out the nearest window.

            Meanwhile Gre and Urnhold decide to see if they can patch things up with Newhon. Upon arrival they’re told to leave. Refusing, they pushed their way into Newhon’s shop discovering the fearful and broken Elf hiding in a back corner. Urnhold cast Calm Emotions and tell Newhon the true story of how Cooky abandoned and the Port Authority told them the wrong information. Newhon listens pensively, but as the spell ends Newhon returns to his fearful state, knowing that it takes an exceptional magician to charm an Elf. Newhon’s mind was made up by how the events unfolded. Gre and Urnhold left accepting the fact that Newhon wouldn’t trust them again. Upon returning to the tavern they find Helen and Campy busily packing supplies for a trip to sell the gems and other items. Helen and Gre get into it. Gre presses her about the situation and the message from Lord Franbrick. Helen breaks down saying “I failed before as an adventurer, now I’m failing again.” Gre, frustrated retorts with “I’m doing this for you to keep this tavern.” The group is starting to feel the stress of Helen heaping her problems on them.

            Some time passes and the group became aware of an odd looking cloud approaching Aberwyn. The cloud descends and a large white tower comes into view, the roof is shaped like a wizard hat. Floating closer to the tavern, the cloud supporting the tower extends a large long set of stairs down.


Best title for a recap ever.

Newhon's New Nightmare
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