The Building of a Guild: To Helen Back Again!

Take that Orcs! Part 1

Session #12

A man by the name of Perd meets the group at the gate of the Dellmon ranch, promptly helping Selwin and his family to the main house. Without further invitation, Gre runs into the house, swings out a window and mounts the roof. Gre ready's his bow, with the best vantage point on the entire estate.Doug and Rendon walk up to one of the organizers, Marka, who turns out to be Perd's wife. They are all assigned positions on the East walls. Urnhold met a fellow Dwarf, Darrack at his defensive position. That's when the patriarch, Kerbin walked up to Rendon and gave him a hearty slap on the back. Kerbin then made his way over to Urnhold & Darrack, and asked them to keep an eye on the "toothpick" up the line. The old man, shared a bite from his flask…knocked the wind out of the Dwarfs, to which they were impressed.

Gre's keen eyes spot the ruddy face of an Orc in the distance. He shot an arrow of arcane energy and hit it an incredible distance. The entire group hears drums in the distance. While the coast is still clear, a tiny little girl carrying a plate of cheese, walks up and tugs on Dhoug's armor. He hurry's to a corner and performs his ritual. 

Suddenly a dozen Orcs surround the compound. Battle ensues. Dhoug cast Suggestion on a poor farmer, successfully persuading him to take his bow and fight the Orcs outside the wall. Jake the Farmer didn't survive past the opening minutes. An unknown Halfling on the west side is holding her own. A few Orcs are felled, a few farmers take mortal wounds. Then an Orog appeared on the horizon. Grunt commands, catch the attackers attention. They turn in retreat, to which the defenders take the opportunity to make those Orcs pay for their aggression. In all, 7 dead orc line the walls outside, and 3 defenders won't return to their families. The sun is heading toward the horizon.


I disagree with the statement ‘without further invitation’.

Take that Orcs! Part 1
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